Kotara High School

'We Aim High'

Telephone02 4943 3044


Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of Kotara High School and visit  each of the Blocks and facilities within the school.
  • Front Office and Counsellor Office
  • MPC and Back Oval
  • East side
  • D Block
  • C Block
  • B Block 
  • A Block
  • Canteen, Top Cola and Bottom Cola
  • Baskball Courts and Main quad


Front Office & Counsellors

  • Mr Snedden - Principal
  • Counsellor's Office
  • Administration Office
  • Sick Bay

Multi-purpose Centre (MPC) and Back Oval

MPC is used for school assemblies and performaces, as well as PE/Sport.

The Back Oval is used during PE/sport and recess

East side

Playground space used during recess & lunch

D Block

  • Library
  • Support Staff Room
  • English Staff Room
  • IT Coordinator
  • Welfare Head Teacher
  • SLSO Staff Room


C Block

  • Mr McCord - Deputy Principal
  • Science Staff Room
  • Science Prep Room
  • PD/H/PE Staff Room
  • HSIE Staff Room

B Block

  • ALPACA Staff Room
  • TAS Staff Room
  • Kitchen Prep Room

A Block

  • Mr Leo Kolmajer - Deputy Principal
  • Maths Staff Room
  • Senior Learning Hub
  • Careers Office

Bottom Cola, Canteen & Top Cola


Basketball courts & main quad